Be Here Now Iconic

Coined the 'Counter-Culture Bible' for generations of free-thinkers, yogis, hippies, meditators, spiritualists, bhaktas, psychonauts, somebodies, and nobodies, Be Here Now continues to inspire individuals to awaken their minds and open their hearts now 52 years since its first publication.

Looking back on the first 50 years since Ram Dass & Co' birthed Be Here Now from Maharajji's blessings, the revolutionary effect that these three simple words had on our culture cannot be overstated. Quietly transforming our hearts—one beat at a time—Ram Dass welcomed us all into the abiding presence of his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, by helping us uncover the loving awareness nestled in the yolk of our hearts.

And it all came through each of us opening the pages of a strange looking, blue, square-shaped book with the word "Remember" around the edges, and an empty chair netted in the center of the revolving words: "Be Here Now, Be Here Now, Be Here Now..." Thank you for turning the page. Namaste.