Be Here Now: Maharaj-ji Flag

"It's hard to speak in words about the the Guru... and a Sat Guru. It's interesting that when I tell the story of my journey in India and tell of the Guru. I always speak of his miracles, although, from my point of view they are not the essence of the matter at all.  But: they are that which is speakable of... It's a little like that Persian story where Nasruddin is looking for his house key under the street lamp and others come to help him and finally they ask him 'Where did you loose it?' and he answers, 'in my house, but it's dark in there and since it's light out here this is the best place to look.'  I find myself talking about things that are talkable about, what can I say?"

From the spiritual classic, Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

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Prayer Flags can be framed, hung on a wall, used on your prayer table/altar or simply placed on a table as a centerpiece. Another popular option is to create a set with flags of your choosing.

    Our flags are hand printed in New Mexico at Lama Foundation’s Flag Mountain Cottage Industries. Stewards and residents at Lama Foundation infuse the flags with prayers and intentions of peace, awakening and community.

    Printed on muslin with unfinished edges.

    • Eco-friendly, water based inks.
    • Strung on both sides with twine for tying other flags to create sets.
    • 14" x 24" (inches)*
      Muslin flags are torn by hand. Size may vary slightly.