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WISDOM OF EMPTINESS Digital download

“Emptiness is not nothingness, definitely not. Emptiness is the opposite of nothingness; emptiness is everythingness. Emptiness becomes a nurturing membrane, like a womb, and what it nurtures is the compassionate sensitivity of the sentient being.” - Dr. Robert Thurman

Wisdom of Emptiness is a collection of live video and audio recordings from Ram Dass’ Spring on Maui Retreat, May 1-6th 2019.
Marking his final Springtime retreat, Baba Ram Dass is joined by friends and teachers ranging from Tibetan Buddhist scholars, bestselling authors, and comedians. This digital download features dharma talks, meditations, musical performances, chanting practices, and Q&A sessions focused on the wisdom of emptiness.

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The Bhav of KK Sah

The devotional aspect of kirtan and bhajan is a deep inheritance given by KK Sah, who had been with Maharaj-ji since he was a small child and passed only a few weeks after Ram Dass left his body. KK was a bridge of grace, welcoming westerns with unbounded generosity that allowed them to connect to Maharaj-ji. He showed a purity of heart that involved unconditional love, the dynamics of Indian family love, and an expression of love found in the yoga of devotion, known as bhav. He helped Ram Dass and the Satsang not only understand bhav, but gave them practices to share it with others.

The Bhav of KK Sah was recorded in New York City, where we felt called upon to capture KK’s outflow of love and devotion. This music is an echo and pure reflection of KK’s deep devotional love and reverence for the Divine. In the wake of KK’s passing in early 2020, we are honored to release this record and to share this powerful transmission of devotion.

Available in CD and MP3 Digital Formats

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"This is a story of awakening toward living in oneness and love." -Ram Dass

While many know of his transformation from Harvard psychology professor Richard Alpert to psychedelic and spiritual icon, Ram Dass tells here for the first time the full arc of his remarkable life.

Perhaps no other teacher has sparked the fires of as many spiritual seekers in the West as Ram Dass. If you’ve ever practiced meditation or yoga, tried psychedelics, or supported anyone in a hospice, prison, or homeless center—then the story of Ram Dass is also part of your story.

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Ram Dass + Boreta + Superposition – Awareness

A few years back we teamed up with ambient music artist Boreta to bring you an immersive musical meditation experience. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Boreta and Supersition to offer a new ambient meditation from Ram Dass.

Awareness is a guided meditation from Ram Dass originally recorded in 1994 with ambient accompaniment by Boreta and Superposition. The audio journey that Boreta created in this 17-minute piece has true potential to transform consciousness.

This limited edition vinyl supports our upcoming Soul Land Music series. Get yours before we run out.!