Love Serve Remember: Reimagined (Vinyl)

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Love Serve Remember: Reimagined  is a collection of new Ram Dass songs and musical renderings in collaboration with musicians The Human Experience, Liquid Bloom, and John Pattern. The tracks collectively celebrate the 50th anniversary of an expansive collection of Ram Dass radio conversations, readings, and music that first took form as the six-LP box set, Love Serve Remember, in 1973.

The collection of songs on this album vary in mood and instrumentation but are interconnected threads of the same cloth. The three artists weave these archival fifty-year-old recordings of Ram Dass with fresh musical landscapes, and diverse instrumentation.

  • Running Time: 43 Minutes

  • Archive Material: Love Serve Remember Foundation Archives

  • Format: 12" Vinyl Record 140 grams; 33 1/3 RPM
  • Published: 2023 Love Serve Remember Foundation
  1. My Heart Song -Ram Dass x John Pattern (3:54)

  2. Equanimity and Peace -Ram Dass x John Pattern (2:48)

  3. Opening Reimagined -Ram Dass x Liquid Bloom (feat. Moondrop) (15:47)

  4. We all come from God Remix -Ram Dass x John Pattern (3:54)

  5. The Great Way -Ram Dass x The Human Experience (3:06)

“What shall we do in our lives? How do we live our lives with sufficient perspective moment to moment so we can enter into life with equanimity and peace?”


It may be fifty years since our 1973 release of the Love Serve Remember 6-record box set, but I still remember that time so clearly in my mind. It was the summer of the Watergate hearings. Ram Dass, Parvati Markus, Rameshwar Das and I had just returned from India the year before and were freshly inspired from our time with our guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Paul Gorman and Bob Bilecki were also along for the ride and were both instrumental in crafting this unique mashup of Ram Dass material.

In the 1970s, Ram Dass was often heard on the radio, sharing wisdom with callers and responding to questions and themes that listeners brought up. The original 6-record LSR set included recordings from WBAI in New York City, as well as various talks and music that were recorded at ZBS farms upstate.

It was a strange time to work on putting this set together, we all pitched in to produce the final product while glued to the TV and the Watergate hearings. It was my first time “producing” Ram Dass, and this seminal project led to many years of working with him in that capacity. 

With that, I am thrilled to share these new reimagined and remixed tracks on our 50-year commemorative vinyl, including a new generation of musical artists that have taken creative and spiritual inspiration from Ram Dass and his teachings. I hope you enjoy this fresh, renewed take on a timeless set of teachings and music.

Ram Ram

Raghu Markus

Director, Love Serve Remember Foundation

John Pattern

John is a psychotherapist in Utah specializing in a holistic approach to trauma, addiction, and overall mental health. He uses music as a therapeutic medium to convey spiritual messages that uplift and inspire.

Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom is a collaborative music project spearheaded by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers, dedicated to the fusion of world music and electronic elements. With af ocus on creating immersive and transformative sonic experiences, Liquid Bloom aims to bridge traditional and modern music, bringing together sounds and rhythms from around the globe to create a unique and captivating sound.

Since its inception, Liquid Bloom has worked with a diverse range of musicians and producers, including Poranguí, Deya Dova, and Mose, to name a few. Together they have created a rich tapestry of sound that blends organic instrumentation with electronic beats and melodies. Liquid Bloom has garnered a devoted following and earned a reputation for transporting audiences to far-off lands and otherworldly realms. At the heart of Liquid Bloom is Amani’s passion for world music and his belief in the power of sound to heal and inspire. Drawing upon his own deep spiritual practice and years ofexperience as a producer, Amani crafts each Liquid Bloom track with intention and mindfulness, infusing each one with a sense of magic and wonder.

With it’s unique blend of world music and electronic elements, Liquid Bloom is a pioneering force and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with sound.

The Human Experience

“THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” is David Block’s principal project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats. Whether performing by himself, or with a live band, “The Human Experience” always delivers an emotionally charged show. David has collaborated with artists all over the world including Rising Appalachia and Random Rab (previously featured on the Ram Dass Soul Land Music Series), Ignacio Perez (Buena Vista Social Club), William Close (The Earth Harp), Elephant Revival and many others.

His music has been featured on NBC prime time TV and is beginning to make its way into the world of cinema. David is consistently redefining himself as an artist, performer, and human being. Moving and traveling around the world, meeting people from all walks of life and realms of consciousness, he is continually learning, growing, and sharing inspiration with those around him.

Soul Land Records was created as a natural repository for the new music being created in dedication to and inspired by Ram Dass, who was an avid music listener with tastes spanning across many different genres – but always oriented towards touching that innermost place, “Soul Land.” Soul Land Records was launched by Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation with the intention that it may grow to serve the mission of spreading the teachings and unconditional love of Ram Dass through the medium of music.