Words of Wisdom

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Words of Wisdom is a distillation of the last five decades of Ram Dass’s life containing the most powerful quotes from his most resonant core teachings.

About Words of Wisdom

Ram Dass always had a knack for heart-to-heart transmission. Far before he had a vocabulary to describe his spiritual experiences, he was Richard Alpert, a Harvard professor and early experimenter with psychedelics. After these early soul-expanding journeys, he spoke and wrote about his transcendent experiences with the innate, intuitive understanding of a true inner-voyager. 

Even before Alpert realized that psychedelics weren't the final answer to enlightenment, he was more interested in cultivating a shared heart space with his patients and friends than he was in the clinical, scientific side of psychedelia.

This anthology celebrates the spark that helped to ignite the flame of grace and Loving Awareness in so many hearts. By the end of his life, Ram Dass was a true conduit for soul connection. Through five decades of teaching in both the institutional and public realms, Dass has served as a leader in spirituality, psychology, and psychedelia, fusing these elements to embody a purposeful intention of love and joy.

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  • Format: Hardcover Book, 160 Pages
  • ISBN13: 9781647224875
  • Publishing: Mandala Publishing & Love Serve Remember Foundation; November 23, 2021
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