Be Love Now

Love Serve Remember

$ 19.99 

"Be Love Now" is the third book in a spiritual trilogy that began with "Be Here Now" and "Still Here", Ram Dass' acclaimed depiction of his life-altering stroke. In "Be Love Now", Ram Dass shares what he has learned on his remarkable four-decade-long spiritual journey. Through timeless teaching stories, compelling and often humorous personal anecdotes, and soul-stirring insights, Ram Dass writes with his trademark down-to-earth accessibility as he tracks the stages of his own awakening.

Guiding us through the pitfalls and perils of our own spiritual path, "Be Love Now" is both a deeply personal and wonderfully universal exploration that will open our hearts and minds. Ram Dass once again blazes a new trail while inviting all to join him on this next stage of the journey. This book is a hardcover version.