Finding Our Natural Path featuring Trungpa Rinpoche (Audio)

Love Serve Remember

$ 15.00 
(3.5 hours of audio divided into three talks) Three early unreleased Ram Dass talks featuring a Naropa Session with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Talk #1: Listen to Your Heart – In this lecture Ram Dass encourages us to listen to our heart in order to find our natural path. When we can quiet our mind we begin to experience a force in us that is designing and intuitively validating our actions. We discover harmony in total involvement, without attachment. We create the space to find our part and to play it, with compassion, love, and humanity. Talk #2: Ego and the Teacher – In this 1974 panel discussion at the Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado, Ram Dass, accompanied by fellow teachers Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Jim Baker, and Jim Green, discusses the different traditions and methods used to move beyond the ego. For Ram Dass it was the grace of his guru that allowed him to see beyond his own models of reality, but this is not the only path. There are many methods and practices that we can utilize, all of which can bring transformation, whether subtle or profound. The discussion closes with a question and answer period with the audience. Talk #3: Caught in Duality – We are so often caught in the game of polarities, and we struggle under the weight of our seemingly dualistic nature. It is the task of the conscious being to not get lost in righteousness, and to use suffering as a means to become free. If we learn to honor our incarnation then we transcend dualism, and can then rest in the totality of existence. Listen to a sample below: