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American Yogi is a delightful autobiographical documentary about a nice Jewish boy from Miami who travels to San Francisco for the “Summer of Love” and returns a hippie. Later, as a successful but dissatisfied businessman, he discovers Ram Dass’s iconic book Be Here Now about the Indian Saint Maharajji and decides to travel to India in search of a more meaningful life. There, he comes face to face with the mind-altering world of ancient India and must choose between the miracles he sees and life as he knew it.

Director Steven Newmark, Ph.D has been a practicing psychotherapist and taught at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Esalen Institute. He is the author Before Becoming This, a book about Eastern Philosophy that Deepak Chopra called “insightful and joyful.” Music by Grammy nominated musicians Krishna Das and Jai Uttal.[split]

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American Yogi Movie - TRAILER from Jaime Byrd on Vimeo.

About the Film

Neem Karoli Baba (aka Maharaj-ji)
Ram Dass
Zoe Harber
Krishna Das
Steven Newmark

Directed by Steven Newmark
Writers Zoe Harber and Steven Newmark
Editor Jaime Byrd
Art Director Nina Paley (Animation)

Praise & Reviews

"American Yogi will open your heart and just might change your life." James Baraz, author of Awakening Joy

"American Yogi” is an inspiration.” Ram Dass

“A deeply inspired film! About what the Western mind calls fiction – and the East calls reality."  – Shankar Mohan, Director of the International Film Festival of India

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  • Running Time: 79 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD (All Regions); Color - 1.78:1, 16 x 9
  • ISBN: 738329229528
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