Whisper in the Heart

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The Ongoing Presence of
Neem Karoli Baba

'When you think of me I'll be there.'
-Neem Karoli Baba

Whisper in the Heart documents lively accounts from around the world of Neem Karoli Baba, a great Indian saint, appearing in visions and dreams to offer spiritual comfort and guidance.[split]

Neem Karoli Baba, a great Indian saint, left his body in September of 1973, but his presence has continued unabated. Even without his physical form, he has appeared to thousands of individuals across the globe, in dreams and visions, in meditation.

About the Book

Whisper in the Heart recounts the stories of over 150 people and the ways in which they “met” Maharajji, as he is fondly known. It could have been while chanting at a kirtan, while at a spiritual retreat or in a temple, while looking at a photo or reading a book, or as in some of the more extraordinary stories, when he shows up on a desperate woman’s doorstep in France, brings years of abuse to an end for a nine-year-old child in Australia, dances on a beach in Miami, or appears to a policeman in Taos, New Mexico.

Not just for Maharajji devotees, Whisper in the Heart can help those who are having spiritual experiences of connection with enlightened beings who are no longer in the body to accept their reality and to know that they are not, in fact, “going crazy.”

Maharajji himself used to say: When you think of me, I’ll be there. In this book, you will get a glimpse of how he is fulfilling that promise.

A LEGACY OF LOVE: Whisper in the Heart continues Neem Karoli Baba's mission of universal love, kindness, and connection

PERSONAL STORIES: Includes more than 150 accounts of Maharajji appearing in visions, dreams and even in broad daylight

HELPING AND HEALING: Visions of Neem Karoli Baba have helped diverse people from around the world heal spiritually and physically

MOTIVATING MESSAGE: The moving stories of Maharajji’s love can inspire a deeper spiritual practice and connection to humanity

RAM DASS COLLABORATION: Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings were brought to the west by Ram Dass, whose Love Serve Remember Foundation continues to preserve his legacy and spread his message

About the Author

Parvati Markus is the author of Love Everyone (HarperOne 2015). She has been “midwifing” spiritually-oriented books and memoirs as a writer and substantive editor since her first efforts with Ram Dass’ classic Be Here Now. Books she has edited have been published by Hay House, Inner Traditions, Simon & Schuster, Contemporary/McGraw Hill, Lotus Press, etc. She has helped with spiritual organizations (as past President of the Board of the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Temple in Taos, NM) and events (as a development consultant and speaker for the Global Peace Initiative of Women). She is on the Board of Advisors for the Love Serve Remember Foundation.


"Maharajji turns on the light to give us a glimpse of what we truly are and to bring us back home to ourselves."
-Krishna Das

"Neem Karoli Baba is a being who transcends all boundaries - religious classification, preconceived notions of a yogic path, even death - so why wouldn't he be as real to those of us who never physically met him as our own most beloved family member? In this magical and evocative collection of stories, we meet the one Ram Dass called Maharajji in all his variegated beauty, his unconventional holiness, his deep humanity and sublime transmission, his wildness and rootedness. If you didn't already love this baba before picking up this book, I promise you will fall in love right here, and that such a love will change everything, everything."
-Mirabai Starr
author of Caravan of No Despair and Wild Mercy

"People all over the world have had interactions with Neem Karoli Baba since he died in 1973. These stories remind us that the hereafter is here and now, and that love transcends death. That presence and love are never really distant. The influence of such a being is always available, no matter our limited concepts of time and space. The wind of grace is always blowing!"
-Rameshwar Das
co-author of Being Ram Dass

"Years ago, after hearing me complain about not having the sort of karma that allows you to meet a being like Maharajji in person, Krishna Das put his hand on my shoulder and said, "The Longing is the grace." This book will fill you up with that kind of grace. Stories of Maharajji are somehow more than just stories. They reach through time and allow you a taste of the sweetness that drew so many people to India just to spend a few moments at his feet."
-Duncan Trussell
comdian, writer, podcaster, actor

"Parvati has birthed a beautiful blessing for our world. Listen! This book will amplify the whispers of hope, inspiration, courage, and kindness in your heart."
-Trudy Goodman
PhD, Vipassana teacher and founding teacher of InsightLA

"When I first "met" Neem Karoli Baba through chanting with Krishna Das, reading stories of him by the old devotees was the way I learned to understand the feelings that arose.  Stories about saints fortify our faith, so I thank Parvati for widening the circle by including these stories of Maharaji's contact with our hearts through infinite time and space."
-Nina Rao
musical artist and chant leader

"In each lifetime, in each moment, He finds us and brings us back home to ourselves...to Himself. Out of His love for us, He wakes again and again...life and life. He is the one who is HERE! We are dreamers, asleep in our inner darkness. He turns on the light for us to give us a glimpse of what we truly are."
-Krishna Das
chant master

"For many of us who didn't have the good fortune of being with Maharajji in the physical body, it is the stories that bring us his presence and love. We are always thirsty for the devotees' memories and stories of him and this book is yet another well of grace to quench our hearts."
-Trevor Hall

"This wonderful collection of stories about encounters with Neem Karoli Baba is a feast for the soul. These stories embody the essence of Grace...that indefinable blessing of connection with the Divine...mystical events that have happened to so many of us, in which we find ourselves stepping briefly out of the mundane and into the Sacred. The experiences so beautifully portrayed in this book will help to stretch your awareness and to see through the very thin veil that separates ordinary experience from the miraculous. Neem Karoli Baba reminds us that every moment is a miracle...no matter how mundane it may seem...and that miracles often happen through simple events we might overlook if we're not paying attention...with a quiet mind and an open heart turned to Love.''
-Ramananda John E. Welshons
author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart, and Awakening from Grief 

"In Whisper in the heart we learn that the veil of death is just that, and that a great being like Neem Karoli Baba removes that veil and touches the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Both while sleeping and waking, he reaches into the mindstreams of people of many ages and nationalities and lights them up with love, wisdom and humor. What originally impressed Ram Dass, then Richard Alpert, was Maharajji's omniscience about the death of his mother. But until the birth of this book, we might not have known that Maharajji's omniscience goes beyond time and space and can still be accessed. What a valuable gift Parvati Markus has skillfully given us, to know this is possible and to bring these stories to the world in these challenging times!"
-Lama Tsultrim Allione
author of Wisdom Rising and founder of Tara Mandala

"It has been so hard for me to put this book down and return to attending to my daily life. Maharajji's transmission flows through all of it, with an enormous flood right out of the gate. I found myself in tears many times. I love everyone of the shared stories, and there is a sweet flow to all of it. Maharajji just comes through the book."
-Melinda Edwards, MD
psychiatrist and founder of Living Darshan

"From the point of view of a devotee, it reassured me tremendously that there are so many others who have experienced Maharajji since he left his body; though each person's experience was their own, there was a thread that connected all of us. I think that for others who have not been so fortunate as to experience Maharajji yet, this book may very well serve as his invitation!"
-Gayatri Wagle
Bach Flower practitioner

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