"How Then Shall We Live?" Audio Download Bundle

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About the Offering

Produced and directed originally as a PBS television series by Joseph Tieger and Johanna Luther, "How Then Shall We Live?" presents the issue of death and loss on both personal and global levels. And yet it deals more with life than death. It has been designed to help us to begin or continue the process of becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings while entering fully into the moment-to-moment experiences of our lives.

The series also asks us to begin to make the connections between our personal lives and the broader global community in which we live. More relevant now than ever in this newly re-released four part program from 1986-1988, Ram Dass and Stephen Levine investigate the process of cultivating higher consciousness within the context of daily life. This series still stands as the only extended television presentation of Ram Dass & Stephen's most profound teachings.

What You'll Receive:

With the Audio Download Bundle you'll receive downloadable .mp3 audio files of all 4 hour long sessions plus Ram Dass' one hour long bonus session (5 hours total). You can play them on any listening device as you walk the dog, drive the car, work or however else you prefer to listen to content.

Normally $7.99 per talk. With the bundle we are offering all 5 talks for only $18.