Cultivating Grace & Transforming Suffering (Audio)

Love Serve Remember

$ 7.00 


How do we transform suffering into grace? How do we cultivate a process that allows grace to fill our lives? How do we turn anger into compassion – chaos into equanimity – separation into unity and oneness?

In the third installation of our Cultivating film series, Cultivating Grace and Transforming Suffering features Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield and friends cutting to the core of these topics through their stories and real life experiences – teaching us how to make friends with suffering – how to alter our perspective so that we can access our “wise hearts”- how we can connect with intuition which is our doorway to faith, and how we can reconcile the reality of karma and grace being one.

Cultivating Grace and Transforming Suffering provides a doorway to help access these life altering questions with wise and insightful teachers.