Consciousness Serpent Flag & Tee Bundle (Unisex)

Ram Dass Love Serve Remember Shop

$ 26.00 

Consciousness Equals
Energy =
It's all the same trip.

Whoa. Indeed. A magical excerpt from the pages of Ram Dass' iconic book  Be Here Now. Spread the message of Consciousness Serpent wherever you go with this quality cotton tee and flag.

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Hand printed in the USA at the Lama Foundation in New Mexico, these flags are printed using an environmentally-friendly, water-based printing process, and are infused with the prayers and intentions of the Lama Beans. The Lama Foundation’s straw bale facility is 100% Solar Powered with passive and active solar heating that maintains a comfortable temperature inside our facility year-round. No fossil fuels.The muslin is hand torn one at a time, and each flag is hand-printed one at a time. 

These flags can be framed, hung on the wall, used on your prayer table/altar or simply placed on a table as a nice centerpiece.

Proceeds from these flags support both the Love Serve Remember Foundation and the Lama Foundation.