Ram Dass Reflection & Meditation Kit

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This bundle is a great for those who wish to start or strengthen their meditation practice. Ram Dass' Journey of Awakening is included in this bundle which offers a comprehensive guide to meditation. Supplementing the book is a USB meditation kit which includes articles on meditation and several recorded Ram Dass meditations for you to practice with. Also included is a journal for reflection and contemplative thought. The wood mala bracelet and Be Here Now Medallion add another dimension to your personal practice. 

What's Included?
  • 1 Ram Dass Meditation Kit USB
  • 1 Copy of Reflections on the Journey Journal
  • 1 Copy of Journey of Awakening
  • 1 27 Mala (May vary)
  • 1 Be Here Now Medallion
  • 1 Incense & Burner
  • Pencil Kit

Journey of Awakening

Ram Dass shares his understanding and explores the many paths of meditation--from mantra, prayer, singing, visualizations, and "just sitting" to movement meditations such as tai chi--and suggests how you can find methods suitable for you. He illuminates the stages and benefits of meditative practice, and provides wise and often humorous advice on overcoming difficulties along the way.

Reflections on the Journey Journal

Reflections on the Journey is a Ram Dass inspired journal containing 12 contemplative quotes by Ram Dass and 190 lined pages for writing and reflection.  The quotes were carefully curated to inspire readers and writers to look a little deeper within themselves and witness the truth of their being.  Each quote contains loving and heartening Ram Dass wisdom offering readers and writers a reflective tool to help follow their unique life path with honesty, compassion and love.


Malas are a great way for beginners (and those who are seasoned) to do Japa or mantra meditation.

Be Here Now Medallion

This beautiful piece can be kept on the puja (altar) or can be carried around for reminder. The medallion can be used to remember doing mantra and japa throughout the day and can also be used to set an intention or affirmation.

Item Details

Ram Dass Meditation Kit USB

Digital Booklet
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • How to use a Mala
  • Meditation Transcriptions
  • Podcast Show Notes

01 Ram Dass Here & Now Podcast - Episode 14: Meditation (30:57)
02 Ocean of Awareness Meditation (19:46)
03 Sweeping Meditation (32:59)
04 Resting in Love Meditation (15:07)

Journey of Awakening

  • Format: Mass Market Paperback | 448 Pages
  • Published: Bantam, Jul 01, 1990
  • Dimensions:  4-3/16 x 6-7/8 Inches
  • ISBN 9780553285727
Reflections on the Journey Journal
  • Format: Paperback Journal, 216 Pages
  • Margins: College Ruled
  • ISBN13: 978099923384
  • Publishing: Love Serve Remember Foundation
  • Date: January 15, 2021 (1st Edition)
  • Weight: 12.7 oz.
  • Dimensions: 9" x 6" x .75" (Inches)
  • Language: English

Wood Mala

    • Made in India
    • Cotton Tassle
    • Rudraksha or Rosewood Mala (May Vary)
    • Bead Size: 8mm
    • Mala Size: 6"
    • Photo Credits: Tanja Kuić

Be Here Now Medallion

  • 1.5" (Inches) Diameter
  • Brass with Antique Gold Finish
  • Photo Credits: Tanja Kuić


  • Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Cones
  • Ceramic Burner