'Impermanence and the Power of Love' Audio Collection

'Impermanence and the Power of Love' Audio Collection

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A Digital AUDIO Retreat to Help You to Discover the Grounding Force of Love in Times of Transition...

  • How do we practice embodying loving awareness to create the spacious atmosphere necessary to slip into the moment of being with what is?
  • How can we embody the truth of impermanence so that we can overcome fear and complacency in our own lives? 
  • How can we make friends with our circumstances, instead of wishing things were different than they are? 
  • How do we engage with each moment with the freshness of a child discovering the beauty and truth that is wrapped in each moment?

The nature of our impermanent lives means that every challenge, difficulty, joy or success will at some point change. It is the nature of this human life we have been given.

So how do we embody that truth of impermanence so that we can become more comfortable and less resistant to the changes that inevitably occur in our lives?

New special guests Lama Surya Das and Trevor Hall join Ram Dass, Mirabai Bush, Duncan Trussell, Raghu Markus, Rameshwar Das and Nina Rao to help us to find our ground during times of transition and anxiety through chant, meditation, Dharma talks and other practices.

We are now offering this entire newly released IMPERMANENCE AND THE POWER OF LOVE retreat (all 11 talks + bonus content) as a discounted bundle, allowing you to experience the entire retreat at your pace and wherever you choose.  

What do I receive in this collection?

You get downloadable audio (.mp3) files of all 11 retreat sessions PLUS a bonus 90-minute audio session of the Hanuman Chalisa chanted by Nina Rao, Trevor Hall, Heather Wertheimer & friends. This audio collection is great for you if you're on the go - you can play these tracks on any listening device as you walk the dog, drive the car, work or however else you prefer to listen to content. 

Normally $7.99 per talk, with this collection we are offering all 11 talks plus the bonus session for only $27.