Forms of Yoga (Digita Download - Audio)

Forms of Yoga (Digita Download - Audio)

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What practices, methods, or techniques can we use to connect with and more fully embody a deeper state of awareness?
The nature of our individual karmic predicament is as unique as the path we will take in an effort to uncover the truth of our circumstance. When we first begin to recognize that who we are is not limited to time and space, we often wonder how we can effectively investigate our growing curiosity. In this lecture, Ram Dass offers a detailed and informative exploration of several traditional forms of yoga that can be applied in our daily lives to facilitate working with, rather than against, our humanity. With the understanding that these methods are self-destructing traps that we willingly fall into, we move forward with increasing faith that the process will carry us through to the next stage of awakening.

In this talk, Ram Dass helps us to discover:

  •  A brief meditation for exploring different levels of consciousness
  • Methods for escaping the prison of the mind, body and heart
  • Practical applications of different Yogic forms in daily life
  • Become the creator, not the victim
  • Learn to let go when things inevitably change
  • Extricating ourselves from identifying
  • Extensive Q&A on topics including physical pain, the role of choice in our lives, emotions and awareness, obsessions, intuition versus ego, and parenting

A lengthy question and answer period concludes the discussion, covering a variety of topics including physical pain, the role of choice in our lives, emotions and awareness, obsessions, intuition versus ego, and conscious parenting.


Benefits of buying a download:

  • Take the lecture with you on a drive or during a hike and save data on your cellular plan – no loading necessary!
  • Make sure you can listen even where cell service isn’t available.
  • Support the efforts of the Love Serve Remember Foundation to curate more enriching talks from Ram Dass and friends for years to come.