Awareness, Perspective and Change (Audio Download)
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Awareness, Perspective and Change (Audio Download)

- 90 Minute Audio Download (.zip file) - Recorded live at the Eupsychia Conference at Embodying Spirit, held September 30 through October 2, 1994, in Orlando FL.

Ram Dass delves into the concept of aging and accepting the inevitability of change in our physical bodies and self images, where can we be in relation to change in a way that doesn't generate fear?

He explores awakening as a consciousness evolution, accepting life's surprises simply as stages of growth, and not trying to stand on ground that is going to inevitably crumble beneath your feet anyway.

Ram Dass talks about our "spacesuits," our current incarnations and how to be able to learn to develop acceptance of our roles within society, time and space in order to help fulfill our karmic paths - while not getting caught in them.

Exploring different countries and how their cultural moral outlooks differ from those in the United States in regard to the "common good," when are we really helping those in need and when are we simply acting out of our own ego's selfishness? Is it better to become a renunciate or to accept all of the "stuff" of the world and integrate it into each situation to awaken?

We must honor our incarnations, to be "in the world, but not of the world" - to be in it, but not trapped in it, which we can do by cultivating the emptiness of awareness, to live in the different planes of consciousness simultaneously. Listen to a sample below: