Cultivating the Courage to Love (COMPLETE BUNDLE)
$ 59.00

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Cultivating the Courage to Love (COMPLETE BUNDLE)

How do you find balance with so much suffering in the world?

In these 9 hour-long sessions, join Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax and Krishna Das for an exploration on how to discover joy in our lives while still acknowledging the truth of suffering.

If you want it all plus some added bonuses this is the option for you.

This bundle includes all 9 sessions in both audio and video format. Plus you get 4 bonus talks and a 35-minute Ram Dass led meditation. Over 5 hours of bonus talks & meditation!

Bonus audio talks include:

  • Fear, Anger and Love (75 min)
  • Cultivating Loving Awareness (85 min)
  • Cultivating Grace & Transforming Suffering (60 min)
  • Cultivating Intuitive Faith & True Surrender (70 min)
  • Soma Guided Meditation (35 min)