Ecstatic States with Ram Dass (DVD)

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Originally a Psychology Professor at Harvard University, Ram Dass (Dr Richard Alpert), along with Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley, influenced a whole generation on the higher powers of the mind, expanded states of consciousness and the experience of ecstatic states. His discoveries have greatly increased understanding of the psyche and consciousness and have the promise to significantly enhance people's lives and society as a whole.

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Ram Dass tells of his amazing experiments with mind manifesting substances, followed by his journey to the Himalayas, and meetings with enlightened beings, Neem Karoli Baba and Paramahansa Muktananda. (There is rare archival video footage and photos of both.) He also explains meditation, higher states of awareness, karma, kundalini (the subtle human energy system) and the deepest meaning and purpose of human life. He is highly intelligent, very humorous, and gives numerous insights into the human condition. He presents vital information for anyone interested in studies of the human psyche.

This 80 Minute interview documentary is designed to allow you to be present at a conversation you will never be able to hear anywhere again. It is filled with information and stories which provide leading edge information which can radically alter your perception of what life has to offer. Coupled with beautiful and rare images from around the world and 3D graphics to enrich his stories, you have a unique and brilliant video experience.


"Those who are familiar with the inspiring clarity with which Ram Dass shares himself will be delighted with this wonderful video. What initially appears to be a biographical documentary is transformed by Michael Domeyko Rowland's interview questions into a very different journey altogether. We are taken deep into the realms of expanded awareness, where meditation techniques, the guru, karma, the distinction between awareness and consciousness, aging, miracles, subtle energy body anatomy and many other features of the spiritual landscape are clearly described and discussed in the contect of Ram Dass' extraordinary life.

Excellently produced and directed, Ecstatic States is an engrossing reminder that there are dimensions of reality always open to us in the here and now to which we need only bring the awareness that is available to us all the time--once we tune into it.

This is an empowering video to watch again and again."

-Graham Barr, Adyar Book Store

  • Running Time: 80 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Format: DVD (All Regions)
  • ISBN: 9781862941809
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