Becoming Nobody (CD Set)


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"The Game is not about becoming Somebody, It's about becoming Nobody."

This audio collection brings us five essential sessions, featured in the Ram Dass documentary film Becoming Nobody, presented here in their entirety. Each beautifully illuminates a core dimension of Ram Dass’s wisdom. Through teaching stories, true accounts, eye-opening revelations, and his one-of-a-kind sense of humor, this legendary teacher helps show us the way out of the prison of our self-identity—and into the joy of being at once “nobody” and the universal divine at play in the world.

  • Contents: 5 CDs (5 hours, 2 minutes)
  • Published: September 3, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781683646266
  • Dimensions: 5.63" x 5" x .88"
  • Weight: 5.6 oz.
  • Spirituality
  • © 2019 Ram Dass ℗ Sounds True
  • Music: Glen Velez
  • Cover image © Bha Fenerci

As featured in the Ram Dass documentary film Becoming Nobody, five essential live teaching sessions on audio, presented here in their entirety.
If you’re a spiritual explorer of any age or tradition, chances are you’ve heard of Ram Dass. This singular luminary began his “somebody training” as Richard Alpert—the 1960s Harvard-psychologist-turned-hippie who tripped with Timothy Leary, befriended beat poets and Tibetan lamas, found his lifelong guru in India, and wrote the perennial classic Be Here Now.

That’s the “somebody” part of his story. But for those who’ve experienced Ram Dass live as he shares his insights and personal journey on the way to becoming nobody—he has been for many the spark that ignited them to the liberating truth of who we really are.

SESSION 1 DISC 1 (51:19)

  1. Introduction (0:39)
  2. Somebodyness (50:39)

SESSION 2 DISC 2 (64:39)

Soul, Incarnation and Just Another Cloud
  1. Introduction (0:33)
  2. Soul and Incarnation (49:37)
  3. Just another cloud (14:28)

SESSION 3 DISC 3 (61:00)

Form, Suffering & Embracing our Humanity
  1. Introduction (0:33)
  2. Form and suffering (27:22)
  3. Embracing our Humanity (33:04)

SESSION 4 DISC 4 (52:43)

Fear, Anger, Love & Choosing
  1. Introduction (0:32)
  2. Fear, anger and love (34:16)
  3. Choosing love over fear (17:53)

SESSION 5 DISC 5 (73:10)

Approaching the Transition & Reflections on Suffering
  1. Introduction (0:33)
  2. Approaching the transition (41:51)
  3. Reflections on Suffering: A Guided Meditation (17:53)

Ram Dass means "Servant of God." Born Richard Alpert, Ram Dass is the founder of the Love Serve Remember Foundation and a cofounder of the Seva Foundation, the Dying Project, and the Prison Ashram Project. he is the author of the spiritual classic Be Here Now and many other books, including Be Love Now, Paths to God, Still here, The Only Dance There Is, and Polishing the Mirror.