Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 181 – Giving Space to the Universe

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In this episode of Here and Now, Ram Dass explores love, letting go of our models, and giving space to the universe, plus leads a guided meditation and chants “We All Come From God.”
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A Perfect Statement of the Dharma

Ram Dass begins by exploring the melodrama of life and the transformation that occurs when we stop holding so tightly to the models we have. He talks about how we get hooked on romantic love because it’s the only way we know how to connect to the place in ourselves where we are love. When we divest ourselves of attachment to who we think we are, we have more immediate access to that place of love.

“When the transformation has occurred and you’re not busy being anybody, then the only thing that’s coming through is God. Then, just like a river or a tree, you are a perfect statement of the dharma, of the flow. And then you are never out of the flow of the universe again.” – Ram Dass

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Giving Space to the Universe (9:13)

Ram Dass talks about anger and power, and how we all have this “stuff” that sucks other people into our melodrama. Gurus are like pure mirrors, because they don’t have any of this stuff. Ram Dass explores how the only way we’re going to feel truly at home in this world is for our soul to acknowledge its true identity, which comes from letting go of our models and giving space to the universe.

“The game has been designed so that what you are at this moment is perfection itself. You merely have to give up your models in order to recognize yourself. It’s as simple as that. Honor it, love it. Don’t judge it. Don’t judge it, just allow it. Give it space, give it all space. Give the universe space.” – Ram Dass

We All Come From God (19:45)

Ram Dass leads a guided meditation focused on breathing in energy through the heart, then breathing out peace and love to all who are suffering. He closes by chanting the song, “We All Come From God.” 

“Focus on your heart, and breathe in and breathe out, as if you were breathing through your heart. But, as you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in God’s breath. You’re breathing in light, energy, truth, love. Breathe that in, let it pour through your body.” – Ram Dass

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