Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 127 – Seeing the World with the Heart of Wisdom

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In this dharma talk, Jack Kornfield explores seeing the world with the heart of wisdom and what it means when we rest in the One Who Knows.
This dharma talk was originally live-streamed by Spirit Rock on 2/8/21. 
Seeing the World with the Heart of Wisdom

Jack begins by exploring the dance of life and how the heart of wisdom sees the world with both graciousness and understanding. He talks about how we are living in challenging times, but to remember we are not our experiences, but consciousness itself. We become the One Who Knows, the wise and loving witness of it all.

“In meditation, we can turn our attention from the experience back to become what Ajahn Chah called the ‘One Who Knows.’ This is who you are, consciousness itself.” – Jack Kornfield

The One Who Knows (18:44)

Jack covers all of the qualities of the One Who Knows. The One Who Knows sees life is short, that human incarnation is a realm of paradox, that we really need each other. The One Who Knows understands happiness, and sees with the eyes of the Beloved. This is the radical hospitality of the One Who Knows.

“It’s not happiness that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us happy.” – Jack Kornfield

Ram Dev (Dale Borglum) explores how we can embody the Beloved on Healing at the Edge Ep. 58
The Land Gift Movement (38:30)

Jack gives an example of what happens when someone rests in the One Who Knows with the story of Vinoba Bhave. A disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhave started the Bhoodan Movement, also known as the Land Gift Movement. Jack ends by asking us to remember who we truly are, and reminds us that everyone’s birthright is dignity, compassion, and freedom of the heart.

 “When we rest in the One Who Knows, there’s a kind of grace that comes if we can quiet ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield

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