The Life and Teachings of Ram Dass: An 8 Week Course on the Art of Being Here Now

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The tapestry of our human experience is complex, expansive, and oftentimes confusing.

The landscape shifts, the journey changes course, peaks and valleys abound, and we are often asked to step into the discomfort of the unknown, perhaps without any resources to help us find balance and spaciousness in our day-to-day lives.

Ram Dass dedicated over five decades of his life to helping people rediscover their own inner resources, and pointing them towards the innate freedom that is our birthright and soul’s calling.

He taught on a vast number of topics throughout his life, but each one fits into that tapestry of humanity that we all share, and all experience at one point or another.

From love, trust and intuition, compassion and courage, to relationships and fear, ego and death, Ram Dass had the ability to address life’s big topics from the perspective of universal truth.

This year, as we celebrate what would’ve been Ram Dass’s 90th birthday, and the 50th anniversary of his transformational book, Be Here Now, it felt like the right time to create an expanded offering that encompasses his life’s work and teachings.

“The Life and Teachings of Ram Dass” is an eight-week course designed to teach the art of being here now, and to open us up to the possibility of taking off our masks and reconnecting to our loving, compassionate hearts.

In our most comprehensive course to date, we combine weekly archival Ram Dass teachings, mantras, and meditation with live virtual teaching sessions from a fantastic lineup of wisdom leaders, movement and yoga practitioners, and virtual community gatherings where you can share and connect with Satsang (spiritual community).

Whether you’ve known of Ram Dass for decades or you’re just beginning the journey, this course is accessible to everyone who is willing to step into a beginner's mind to cultivate openness, curiosity and wonder.

The world, by nature, is gloriously uncertain. But we have the opportunity to find our ground through spiritual practices and self-inquiry.

This course is a call to deep inner work, an invitation to reach out to others with curiosity and compassion, to cultivate conscious ways of being in your world, and to deepen an understanding of our true nature.

Finding our balance is a lifelong journey, and we look forward to exploring the most powerful ways we can show up for each other and ourselves.

Join us for “The Life and Teachings of Ram Dass” beginning May 10th!

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