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Introducing a fresh resource for transformation and exploration: The new, fully immersive

The new is a fully reimagined platform to immerse yourself in the teachings of Ram Dass, Neem Karoli Baba, and our broader family of wisdom teachers.

This easy-to-use, fully-responsive site was created to serve as a resource for seekers of all levels to dive as deeply as they want into Ram Dass’s core teaching topics.

Not sure where to start?

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We’ve created six wisdom journeys for topics including Love & Compassion, Service & Social Action, Meditation & Mindfulness, Death & Dying, Relationships, and Consciousness & Psychedelics. Each of these journeys includes audio clips, videos, articles, and podcasts from Ram Dass that explore the specific topics.

You can also filter through a host of themes and teachers and specify decades and media type preferences on our new Teachings page to find exactly what you need at the moment - whether it’s a new meditation practice or a talk on alleviating suffering.

Re-watch all of our live streams and RSVP for future virtual events, join our Virtual Ram Dass Course Library, listen to podcasts, shop, or connect to like-minded seekers through our Fellowship program.

With all seekers in mind, we created the new as a free offering to the global community, a resource for transformation that serves as a centerpiece of the wisdom that lives on through Ram Dass’s legacy of Loving Awareness.

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