Ram Dass Meditation and Mantra Library

Have you been aspiring to become more mindful and awake? Or maybe you want to take a step back and re-commit yourself to a daily spiritual practice to help counterbalance a high-stress routine that so many of us fall into.

Ram Dass once said, "The drama of life is wonderful, it’s intense, you know you’re alive in it. And yet, without that equanimity to balance it, it always contains fear."

So that's really what spiritual practice is about - discovering inner resources that allow us to be with the intensity of our life experiences without getting overtaken by the fear that so often accompanies change. This brings me to a wonderful offering we've created for you...

Over the years we've received many requests to create a central location to house Ram Dass's most popular and impactful meditation and mantra practices.

We're thrilled to announce that we've created a resource library to guide and support you in your practice. Whether you are brand new to meditation and mantra practice or a seasoned practitioner, this collection of practical tools from Ram Dass's five decades of wisdom-keeping is perfect for anyone with the curiosity to dive deeper into their own consciousness.

Creating a daily practice enables you to cultivate more balance, spaciousness, and peace throughout your day. We hope you find this collection of Ram Dass wisdom useful on your journey.

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